Being Annoying for Dummies: A Compendium of Tips and Techniques

Everyone knows someone who just can’t help but get on other people’s nerves. It may be a douche you know from work, or a pesky neighbor, or even a “friend” who keeps trying to insert herself into your life. Whoever it is, they’re annoying and it’s slowly turning you into someone who’d actually contemplate murder.

This article, however, isn’t about that. This is about you being annoying and taking that to a whole new level. People easily get annoyed, it’s one of the weaknesses of the human race. You don’t see lions or water buffaloes getting pissed when they can’t reach the last Pringles because their hand won’t fit in the can, or giraffes or alligators getting angry because someone messed with the height of their office chair.

So, without further ado, here are a few things that you could do to become the biggest douche in your immediate vicinity. Or, you know, if you’re just really bored and you want to see how people would react to the unexpected.

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